Economic papers about education (CPB part 1)

Christian Bokhove


It feels as if there has been an incredible surge of econometric papers in social media. Like a lot of research they sometimes are ‘pumped around’ uncritically. Sometimes it’s the media, sometimes it’s a press release from the university, sometimes it’s even the researchers themselves who seem to want a ‘soundbite’. These econometric papers are fascinating. What they often have going for them -according to me- is their strong, often novel, mathematical models (for example Difference in Differences or  Regression Discontinuity Design. I also like how after presenting results there often are ‘robustness’ sections. However, they also often lack a sufficient literature overview; one that often is biased towards econometric papers (yet, it is quite ‘normal’ that disciplines cite within disciplines). Also, conclusions, in my view, lack sufficient discussion of limitations. Finally, I often find that the interpretation of the statistics is a bit ‘typical’, in that econometric…

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