Education in Sweden: false ideas, weak training, limited support

Improving Teaching

Are you just going to write about how lazy Swedish teachers are?”
Swedish teacher, to me.

My posts on Swedish education so far have criticised behaviour and pedagogy harshly.  It might seem that I blame teachers.  I don’t.  I agree with Jonas Linderoth, who criticises:

School debaters, pedagogical researchers, officials, unions, teacher educators and politicians…  (Dagens Nyheter (paywall, Swedish)).”

Teachers should be well-informed, teach challenging lessons and maintain good behaviour.  It’s hard to blame them for struggling to do so if they have to overcome false ideas, weak training and limited support.  Swedish teachers labour under all three burdens.

False ideas

Per Kornhall cites research which notes the School Inspectorate criticised high-performing schools in the Nineties for being ‘too knowledge-focused’ (Skolvärlden (Swedish)). What has been promoted instead?  Sverigesradio devoted an episode of ‘Psykobabblarna’ to ‘Kommunikoligi’.

Communes spend great sums on courses in which, for example, leaders do creeping exercises to become better…

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